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Lyndon Fadri, Director, BHS Alumni Association

President, BHS Class 87

It has been a tradition of graduates of the Banton National High School, formerly Banton High School, to hold a homecoming a decade after graduation. The homecoming is usually not just about classmates getting together reminiscing beautiful high school memories and sharing stories. It is not just treating the school faculty to a lunch or dinner nor just bringing a present to the school in the form of donations. With each homecoming, the whole Bantoanon community is given a treat of sort with the civic activities that come with it. The Lenten basketball tournament, for one, has been traditionally sponsored by homecomers. The successful batches sponsor additional sports and even cultural events. Some initiate other civic activities such as mini-medical mission, tree planting and values consciousness initiatives. 

Actually, most batches have been celebrating their golden or silver anniversary lately though not as grand as the 10th year homecoming. It is being observed also that even before their 10th-year reunion, members of the class gather often and they usually are one of the most identified groups in Bantoanon social gatherings.

As such, it can be concluded that the high school classes have been important units of the Bantoanon society and very strong ones at that. Taken as a whole, its size, owing to the Bantoanons' regard for education, is far greater than the size of Bantoanon non-government organizations in terms of number of members who strongly identify themselves with the group. In other words, so much more Bantoanons who spent their high school days in Banton would say they are members of a batch of graduates rather than members of a non-government organization. An even more important factor, however, is that the graduates would always identify themselves with their high school class for a very long time probably even until death. Most of all, the bonding between classmates is something that the ties between members of a non-government organization could not equal.

This website was put up to provide a place where members of a class could gather even if they are far apart. Hopefully, this portal would further strengthen the bond between former high school classmates thereby enhancing each group's potential to contribute more to the development of our community. On the lighter side, we bet it would be fun and entertaining knowing the character of its class.

We welcome everyone to be part of this portal.